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Festival combines academic music with a rock festival ambiance in a bucolic environment. Everyone can enjoy and discover musical program in a laid-back setting without the posh ambience which is normally typical for academic music events. Music is joined by theatre, contemporary circus, dance, performance and installation art.


On Friday, August 10 at 17:00 the Festival will open its doors for the early guests with the first concert starting at 19:00. On Saturday and Sunday however the first performances are set to begin on 9:00 in the morning.

This year we have these exquisite artists participating Sansusi: Margo Zālīte, Agete Burkina, Diana Syrse, Kārlis Krūmiņš, Platons Buravickis, Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown, Reinis Suhanovs, Marco Maghi Amato, Lauris Goss, Mārtiņš Zilberts, Orests Silabriedis, Andis Klučnieks, Andris Dzenītis, Dāvis Enģelis, Martin Mutschler, Aivars Krastiņš, Thilo Ullrich, chorus, Rebekka Stange, Emmanuel Villsaint, Ritvars Garoza, Andrés Hernández Alba, Christian Wernicke, Evarts Melnalksnis, Jānis Kronis, Natalie Oleinik, Matīss Čudars, aliens, Samira Adgezalova, Kate Krolle, Wolfgang Sehringer, Kaspars Putniņš, Jana Krieva, Christina Pfrötschner, Anda Upeniece, Jana Kalniņa, volunteers  Tillmann Reinbeck, Varis Klausītājs, Baiba Kurpniece and many others.



We advise you to enjoy festival by being there on all three days.
None of performance overlap and you will be able to see and hear everything. 

Trīs dienu biļete - Three day ticket

Biļete uz visām trīs festivāla dienām - no 10. augusta līdz 12. augustam. Teltsvieta iekļauta cenā. 

EN - All day pass. 

Biļetes uz e-pastu izsūtīsim diennakts laikā jo to ģenerēšanu pašlaik veicam manuāli.

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Vienas dienas biļete - One day ticket

Biļete uz vienu no festivāla dienām 10. vai 11. vai 12. augustā. Derīga no dienas kurā ierodaties līdz nākošās dienas rītam. Teltsvieta iekļauta cenā.

EN - One day pass. Use on the day you arrive.

Biļetes uz e-pastu izsūtīsim diennakts laikā jo to ģenerēšanu pašlaik veicam manuāli.

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Bērnu biļete - Children ticket

Trīsdienu biļete bērniem (7-14 gadus veciem). Derīga visām dienām.

EN - All day pass for Children (7-14 year old). 

Biļetes uz e-pastu izsūtīsim diennakts laikā jo to ģenerēšanu pašlaik veicam manuāli.

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We are looking for volunteers to help with the festival set-up from August 6-9, as well as during the festival days on August 10-12!

 Apply here -> https://ej.uz/san-18, or contact Austra -> austra@sansusi.lv.



Festival Sansusi takes place in Akniste municipality in the back yard of the former Suseja parish house and occupies portions of adjoining forest and harvest sites. The location is about 150 km from Riga, however in a couple of minutes after arrival be ready to smile and dance on air. 



Sansusi opened its residency program in 2015 as a response to the lack of any residency space open for performing artists or academic musicians. Till now residency center has proved itself to be a great creative space for artists fostering interdisciplinary creations.


The residency space is in a rural area of Akniste district - of 3 000 population 150 km from the Capital city Riga. The residency space together with events organised by Sansusi are rare opportunity for local audiences to meet with contemporary creations in performing arts and music. 

Artists are invited to spend 2 to 6 weeks (preferably 1 month)  in the residency to develop the project during summer period June - August. There are multiple residencies occurring concurrently, alongside educational and community outreach programming that is scheduled throughout residencies. It is integral to Sansusi programming that artists live and work together with other Artists-in-Residence as well as the local Akniste community.

There are two halls available for musicians and rehearsals in early stage. The main working space is a globe with wooden constructions of 7 m height and 14 m diameter with full rigging possibilities, fine acoustics and very basic sound and light equipment. 

Applicants for residency program will be selected based on the following criteria:

• Professional background in a performance art medium or music;
• Expressed vision for the project they would like to craft while at residency;
• Interest to work in the environment provided by Sansusi (circular stage or site specific works in the nature); 
• Interest in creating to work and engage in collaboration with other art forms and artists (it does not necessarily mean that the final production has to be collaboration project, but the interdisciplinary and collaboration with other artists in residency need at least to included as a working method during the residency program);
• Willingness to work in a dynamic environment that encourages interaction with other Nordic and Baltic artists;
• Expressed interest in developing new processes when creating performance work;
• Engagement in audience development – artists have to be ready to work with local audience to familiarise it with contemporary art and their working process;
• Applicants that include artists from several fields wanting to work together in order to create interdisciplinary works will be prioritised.

For more information please contact us: festivals.sansusi@gmail.com


Evening in Riga

Sansusi one evening mischief in Riga.
Happens in spring and autumn in Riga. One evening with academic music, dance, circus, poetry, bars, piano fights and a 20-minute disco.

The Fourth Sansusi “Evening in Riga” will take place on April 27 at Tallinas Street 10, Riga.
This time - in the hangar located in the creative quarter of Free Riga. We creating this place for the Sansusi branch for Riga concerts, performances and other forms of contemporary art. We named it "You already know Where!"

The evening program is as follows:
19.00 - Openig of bars (and food from "Therapy")
20.00 - Solo concert - Jan Jakub Monowid (Countertenor from Poland) with Beata Szebesczyk by the piano
21.30 - Object Theater. "Strange death and perfect bodies" (work in progress). Future archeologists who form relationships with contemporary objects. Mentor - Davide Giovanzana
22.30 - Return to Atis Jākobson's exhibition / performance "Dark Night of the Soul" via short film by Toms Harjo.
23.00 - "Piano battle in the Bars" by pianists Agnese Egliņa and Rihards Plešanovs. 
00.30 - "Twenty Minute Disco" by Platons Buravickis.

See y’all, you know where - Tallinas street 10.

Tickets 12 eur. Buy them here.



e-mail: festivals.sansusi@gmail.com
phone: +371 2972 9188


Biedrība "Sansusī"
Reģ. nr. 40008210649
Vāgnera iela 12-16, Rīga, Latvija, LV1050
konts: SWEDBANK: LV88HABA0551036625827