Sansusī residency

OPEN CALL for Sansusī - Wellbeing residency program - supported by Nordic Culture Point

Cie Catalyst in Sansusī residency. August of 2018

Cie Catalyst in Sansusī residency. August of 2018


Sansusī wellbeing residency program is looking for performing artists and companies from Nordic countries, Lithuania and Estonia with interest in socially engaged work for 1 month residency in Aknīste, Latvia. 

In a rural area of Aknīste district - of 3 300 population 150 km from the Capital city Riga, With the support of the Nordic Culture Point, The Sansusī - Wellbeing residency program is providing an opportunity for socially engaged contemporary performing artists and art groups (up to 4 people; circus, dance, music, theatre, performance art, cross-genre etc.) who value exchange between artists and all groups of society both for their artistic development and for encouraging social change through art.

Deadline for applications: April 15th
Results: April 25th
Residency period: June/September, 2019

About the program: 
This program is welcoming artists eager to involve specific social groups during their creation period in residency. Those target groups are children from isolated, rural area with as well as patients and staff of Psychoneurological clinic of Aknīste and Retirement home in Aknīste. Socially engaged artists are asked to create a frame for the inclusion of at least one of the target groups of the residency and dedicate at least 8 h per week during the 1 month period to include them in artistic processes. 

Artists are expected to have an open presentation of their work at the end of the residency program.

We are open to proposals for all phases of a project - residency may be used to explore a concept, to research artistic or technical feasibility, develop part of a project, bring a work to full production scale as long as the collaboration with wellbeing target groups can be mutually beneficial for both artists and people involved. 

About the venue: 
Residency is situated in Aknīste municipality in a rural environment. Accommodation of artists is organized in a house with facilities to welcome 13 artists at the time. 

There are two halls available for musicians and rehearsals in an early stage and a circular dome of 7 m height and 14 m diameter with full rigging possibilities, dance floor and basic sound and light equipment for bigger scale performances. 

Some activities may be held in Aknīste School (for children), Psychoneurological clinic of Aknīste and Retirement home in Aknīste. 

The pedagogical and health-care staff of collaborative institutions will be supporting the work with target groups if needed. 

Applicants for residency program will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Is based in Nordic countries, Lithuania or Estonia,

  • Professional background in contemporary performance art medium or music;

  • Strong commitment to socially engaged art and interest to include at least one of Sansusī Wellbeing Residency Program target group;

  • Expressed vision for the artistic project they would like to craft while at residency and detailed strategy for inclusion of the chosen target group in the process;

  • Knowledge and understanding of art-based methods group is going to use during the process;

  • Interest in creating to work and engage in collaboration with other art forms and artists in residency simultaneously (it does not necessarily mean that the final product has to be collaboration project, but we strongly appreciate interdisciplinarity and collaboration with other artists in residency nevertheless if they are in frame of Sansusī Wellbeing Residency Program or other Sansusī Residency programs).

Artists will be supported with:

  • Artist scholarship 800 Eur per person;

  • Small budget for materials;

  • Accommodation;

  • Travel bursary;

  • Facilitation and help to reach out to well-being institutions by Sansusī staff members.


How to apply: 
Please send your application via email to with title “Application for Wellbeing residency 2019” by 15th of April. 

Your application should include: 

  • A short written application, explaining who you are and what project you would like to develop, with which target group you plan to work in Sansusī - Wellbeing residency program – max 3600 characters;

  • Information on the technical requirements;

  • Visual material (footage, photos, design sketches, etc.) of the project or its idea – optional;

  • Portfolio of previous performances – optional.